Here is a list of where I go to find coupons.

1. Coupon Inserts are a great money-saving-tool, that can be found in your Sunday Newspaper, but I have seen them in daily papers too. Coupons inserts are advertising circulars that manufacturers publish to promote their brand of products.  Smart Source (SS), Red Plum (RP) and Proctor and Gamble (P&G) are the most common circulars you will find. Each week one or more, sometimes all three inserts will be found in the newspaper, along with store sale flyers. Look through your papers carefully,  so you won’t miss any.

2. You can print coupons from your PC, Laptop, I-Pad and Cell Phone. Just use the Time4Saving (Get Coupons) tab to access them quickly.
Please note: only 2 of each identical coupon will print from each device. (the first time you print, you may be asked to install the print program. This is safe, don’t be afraid to do this!) Ps: You will see lots of coupons, and be tempted to print them all. Please don’t, they are all date sensitive, so only print the ones you need, and check back often as new coupons are uploaded almost daily.

3. In magazines ~  So keep your eye out, once you start looking for them you will be surprised how many you find.

4. Blinkies ~ you will find at the grocery store. They are small black boxes, with a red blinking light hanging from shelves that dispense coupons.

5. Tearpads ~ similar to blinkies, but you tear them off a pad instead of pulling them from a blinkie machine.

6. Peelie ~ are placed on products by the manufacturer, as a direct advertising effort to get you to buy their brand instead of a competitors. Take the time to carefully read these. They may not have to be used with the package they are attached to, they might be ok to use with a smaller package.

7. Store Coupons ~ Many stores will offer free apps, that will generally offer printable coupons. Some are Store Coupons, others are regular Manufacturer Coupons.

This is only the beginning. So get busy, start looking for coupons. Check Time4Saving often, I will be adding more info.