Stop & Shop
196 East Main Street, Quarry Mall, Milford, MA 508-478-8941
Store Pharmacy 508-478-5748 Pharmacy Fax 844-411-6205
Store Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am – 11pm, Sunday 7am-9pm

All coupon info and sale items mentioned in this blog, are based on this location

* Doubles Coupons
* Maximum number of identical coupons allowed for each identical item is 16
* Store issues both manufacturer and store coupons from the Catalina printers at checkout.
* Two like Mfg Coupons can be used in conjunction with store instant BOGO offer.
* Item specific manufacturer Catalina coupons can not be used in conjunctions with other manufacturer coupons on the same item.

* Peapod by Stop & Shop – purchase on line, have it delivered to you home!

* Offer Gas Rewards – nearest Shell Station located at 139 Medway Street, Milford, MA

Weekly sales start on Friday and run through Thursday.
* Stop & Shop offers a mobile app called My Stop & Shop where you can view the weekly sale flyer, download a coupon (which will not double)