93 Prospect Street Milford, MA (508-478-4519)
Store Hours:(Monday-Saturday 7am-10pm) (Sunday 8am-9pm)

All coupon info and sale items mentioned in this blog, are based on this location.

Weekly sales run from Friday through Thursday.
* Accepts on-line printed Coupons/yes
* Doubles Coupons/yes
* Offer Rain Checks for out of stock advertised items/yes

* They also Offer small selection of sale items, with extra low prices on Friday-Saturday-Sunday (only)
* Shaw’s has a shopping reward program called (MyMixx)
Download their free app to increase your saving ability. Once you download their MyMixx app, be sure to register. You will auto receive a $5 coupon to be used on your first $20 or more shopping trip. Next step: browse through the coupons offered in the app, choose the ones you want. Remember to save!

On your next trip to Shaws, once at check out, you will see a device which prompts you for your tel #. be sure to tell the cashier (before she starts to ring your order) that you have a MyMixx acct. she will have you type in your phone number. That is all you have to do. The coupons for product you have purchased will automatically come off your total. All MyMixx discounts will be marked on your sales slip for easy reference. Be sure to check your sales slip to make sure all coupons came off. If not, simply go to the customer service counter and they will refund you the missed coupon. Offers listed on MyMixx are good for one time use.

The MyMixx discounts are Store Discounts so they can be stacked with manufacturer coupons.
Give it a try. I’m sure you will be pleased with your savings.